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Responsible Gambling

Gambling should be a fun and exciting activity. Yet, too much gambling can cause serious financial and personal problems. It is essential to identify problem gambling signs, including addiction, and know about the free resources available to Australians.

What is Responsible Gambling?

Gambling safely means you bet on sports or play casino games with real money, but you are careful. You try not to harm yourself or others. To gamble safely, take steps to protect yourself and people near you:

    • Set Deposit Limits: Limit the amount to deposit each month.
    • Track Your Play: Monitor your gambling activity of wins and losses.
    • Avoid Chasing Losses: Refrain from pursuing losses and stop playing when you reach your bankroll limit.
    • Stick to a Bankroll Budget: Establish a strict monthly gambling budget.
    • Set Loss Limits: Implement loss limits to cap the amount you can lose in a single session.
    • Pick a Trusted Casino: Look for officially registered casinos with self-exclusion options.
    • Self-Exclusion: Use these options to take a break from gambling.
    • Get Help Quickly: Get help quickly if you have a gambling problem.

Awareness of Problem Gambling

Notice gambling addiction signs in you and others. This is key to stopping it from getting worse and hurting lives. Some common signs of addiction include:

  • Excessive preoccupation with gambling, leading to neglect of other life events.
  • Constantly planning when and where to gamble.
  • Need for larger bets to experience the same excitement.
  • Getting upset when not able to gamble.
  • Gambling to alleviate other emotions (e.g., guilt, anxiety, depression).
  • Chasing losses by continuing to gamble.
  • Borrowing money from others to fund gambling.
  • Hiding how much you gamble by lying.

Casual gamblers play safely and enjoy small bets. However, people with a gambling problem may find it hard to stop. It’s essential to be aware of the problem of gambling.

Risks of the Gambling Problem

Problem gambling poses significant risks, including:

  • Relationship Risks: Too much gambling hurts relationships. It happens when you lie about gambling or skip social events.
  • Financial Problems: Gambling too much money causes big financial problems, like bankruptcy.
  • Health Risks: Gambling problems harm your health. They lead to depression and even thoughts of suicide.

Where to Get Help

If you think you or someone close has a gambling issue, Australia offers free help fast. Start by visiting the following dedicated websites for Australian players:


For immediate support, you can call the following numbers:

  • Lifeline Australia: 13-11-14
  • GambleAware: 1800-858-858
  • Free Financial Counseling: 1800 007 007


What are the signs of problem gambling?
Signs of gambling problems are losing control, spending too much money, lying about gambling, and hurting relationships and work. Get help fast if you or someone else shows these signs.
What is responsible gambling?
Responsible gambling involves gambling in a way that minimizes the risk of harm to oneself and others. It entails gambling within budget limits and maintaining awareness of its impact on behavior.
Where can I get help for a gambling problem?
Australia offers several resources for individuals with gambling problems. These are organizations like GambleAware, Gamblers Anonymous, and Gambling Help Online.
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